Useful information

Complex vv Sliedrecht

The Baggercup will be held at Sportpark De Lockhorst: Sportlaan 7, 3364 AT Sliedrecht


The Baggercup is a two-day event. It is possible to stay overnight for one or two nights. There are several possibilities for this:

Option 1

Army tent at the sports complex

  • €325,00 for the whole weekend
  • For 20 to 24 persons
  • Including breakfast on Sunday morning
  • Including groundsheet
  • Including two sets of benches + tables at the tent 
  • Arrival on Friday is possible
  • On the sports field of V.V. Sliedrecht
  • Power point available (you must provide your own reel)
  • Possibility to rent a fieldbed (€ 9,00 per fieldbed)

Option 2

StayOkay jeugdherberg

NOT bookable through organization

Option 3

Bastion hotel

NOT bookable through organization


If you have other plans, please indicate them to the organization. We always want to think along with you.


A number of rules are applied when registering.

  • The participating teams play at least at 1st class level. A team playing at a lower level can of course always register but the chance that the team will be selected for participation is much smaller.
  • All registrations are collected. At the end of November a selection will be made from all registrations. Each registered team will receive an email whether or not the team will be admitted to the Baggercup.
  • Unfortunately, there are high costs involved in organizing such a large event. Therefore an entry fee is due. The amount has been set at 95 Euros.

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